Unable to add SRV records for Skype for Business Setup

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I am trying to add SRV records for SFB setup and my dns provider doesn't support SRV records. I've followed Microsoft documents on how to add them if dns provider doesn't have these options but stuck on what the type I should be selected ? as TXT records ? Any suggestions please. Thanks

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All DNS servers supports SRV records so I guess your DNS provider just don't have the option to add them via their customer web interface, so if you contact them their support should be able to add it manually. TXT and SRV are different types of DNS records, like A an CNAME.

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Thanks for your reply.


I've already contacted my dns provider and they said doesn't have the ability to add SRV even through back end. Also it's not in their future scope - so we are stuck.

Any help would be much appreciated.