Unable to add a participant via dial out today

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We hold an "ENGAGE IT" 0365 adoption demo webinar every Thursday via Skype for all of our North American staff.  It was very disappointing today when a new group in California wanted to join in and I was unable to "dial out" and connect to their conference room phone using my "E5" -PSTN conferencing. The re-occurring meeting link was not setup via my account.  It was setup before PSNT conferencing was available so the meeting does not have a call in number.  I am often the presenter and in the past have always been able to "dial out" (add participants via phone number) to include others via phone for audio.  I tested this today for a re-occuring meeting that I did setup under my account and via an ad-hoc meeting and I was UNABLE to "dial out" to add in participants for audio in any meeting today.  Has anyone else had this issue?  I see on the Admin site that Skype had a false positive today for PSTN dial in conferencing.  I am wondering if that maybe is not FALSE.  I will contact support tomorrow if neccessary.

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