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Long ago when I originally setup Office 365 I didn't think Skype for Business was something we'd be using.  Of course, now they want to have it.  In the old Admin center there was a setting where you determined what software could be installed.  I turned off Skype for Business.  Now when I try to install it I get:


Your admin has turned off Skype for Business installs. Contact your admin for more information about how to get Skype for Business in your organization.


I have searched around and cannot find where this setting is now located.  I find references to 'Manage user software in Office365' but there is no location like this on the new Admin Center that I can find.  The exact reference I keep finding is:


"As an Office 365 admin, you can control which Office software your users can download and install from Office 365. The choices you make on the Manage user software through Office 365 page determine which software users can install from the Software page in Office 365. Whichever choices you make, they apply to all users in your organization." 


But searching the admin center only gives me options to setup subscriptions and turn on Skype for Business for the organization and the users, which I've already done. 


Anyone know where this setting went?


I used the link for the Old Admin Center - it popped up when I was searching for solutions, and I was able to turn this back on from the old 'Service Settings | User software'.  Not sure how you're supposed to do this with the new Admin Center but I reported it as an issue and maybe MS will advise where it's located in the new center.

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Do you want to enable the service to your users? Or make the Skype software available to them?

The service is available, however I had turned off their ability to install software.  This was possible under the old Admin Center, but in the new one I don't see that setting.  I was able to correct this by going back to the old Admin Center and turning it back on.  Hopefully this setting will be made available in the new center soon.  I sent feedback to Microsoft on this.

In the same situation did you every find a solution to your issue?

Yes, I had to use the old Admin Center in order to change the setting (Upper right of new admin cener  'Go to the old admin center' button). 

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Just bumped into this issue. To get right into the point, the Old Admin Center is now retired, so to enable the feature, you must go to the New Admin Portal -> Settings -> Office software download settings. There you can enable the installers for the different products.



Thanks. Glad they have added it to the new admin center

Just had the same issue!  The admin center has changed yet again so it can now be found in Admin Console under Home->Services & add-ins->Office software download settings, turn on Skype for Business (Standalone) options.


To download the .exe for distributinon, switch your console from the admin account to your own MS account (click avatar in upper right, select My Account) then click Settings->Software (install software)->click Skype for Business and choose Version and click Install to download the .exe.

FYI, I had to follow a different path to find the setting (so it might've changed yet again):

Settings -> Org Settings -> Office installation options