Turn On Mic + Video Automatically

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Hi all,


Have tried to search for answer to this question on google and forums but couldn't find anything..


My question is about if there is a setting or similiar for SfB to automatically turn the video camera on and also unmute the mic when joining an online meeting? My default mode is muted mic and no video.


I'm using SfB account that the company I work at have created. Is this a setting they can change? If yes, can the change be user specific so it doesn't affect everyone else at company?

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I've never seen this setting, and honestly don't think it does or should exist. Otherwise users would join a conference and may not be aware that their mic is live and video is showing. They should have the "opt in" approach of un-muting themselves and choosing to share their video.

Hi Loryan,


Thank you for answer.


When you're joining an online meeting that has been created by yourself the microphone is not muted.


However I agree that it is, for most cases, a bad idea that the video should start automatically but there are scenarios where it has been requested from some users who are using SfB for certain purposes.




That's a different scenario though - it's your meeting so you're entering knowing that you're going to be hosting/talking.