Turn off 'Missed conversation' emails

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Allthough SfB is working great in our company, there is one thing that's keeping us busy.


It's the 'Missed conversation' email that Skype is sending to Outlook. It wouldn't be a problem if it was once a day or twice a week, but my colleages (Windows) and I (Mac) are receiving a lot of these messages all day long, even though we're online all day and SfB is turned on.


Is there a way to turn off these notifications?



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I get these often when I'm online with multiple clients (2 windows, 1 mac, 1 iphone) etc.  The messages don't always alert consistently across the devices and then it marks the ones as missed and sends me the email.  It may have something to do with a stale SIP session on mobile where APNS isn't getting the alerts through correctly.


The only suggestion I've seen to get around this would be to create a rule in Outlook to send them into deleted items.  I'm not sure that's a great solution if you actually want to see these when you really miss a message. 


I would advise keeping one "active" Skype session and logging out of the others when possible - especially mobile - to see if they reduce or go away entirely.

Thanks for your reply. We're all using the app on a daily basis, so we don't need a reminder to check for missed messages. I thought it would be as easy as Facebook, just turning off email reminders. So, I'm quite surprised that there seems to be no 'real' solution (so far), other than creating a rule in Outlook.



Strange that its not a option to disable. You could maybe make a transportrule on the exchange server  for email containing the topic 'Missed Conversation" to have it be deleted before reaching the users?