Slack vs Yammer vs Skype Teams / Microsoft Teams

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So I'm working with a client who's been using #slack for a little bit (less than 3mths). We want to get them fully into the Office 365 ecosystem and have slowly started introducing them to Yammer. But they LOVE Slack. So, with the soon-to-be introduction of Skype Teams (the direct Slack competitor now being named Microsoft Teams), have any of you started seeing your teams show an early interest in this over Yammer? If so, why? I'd love to hear objective feedback from this network first before moving this question into the MTC. Thanks guys!

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i would definitly wait for Microsoft teams.

Hey, Stefani :) Wouldn't you see Teams as being more attractive to teams that work in real-time? For larger groups with looser ties, conversations will need to develop over days or weeks, and chat just doesn't do that well. Also, Teams still isn't as transparent as Yammer - you have to know about a group to find it or its contents (at least, that was the case when I last saw it).

Now that the cat is out of the bag now.... I think MT makes the most sense for small to moderate sized teams.


A couple of points to consider:

  • It's free, if you already have an E1/E3/E5 subscription :)
  • Since it's based on O365 Groups, there would be performace implications to go over 600-1,000 members. Yammer does not have this limitation, and could be used for the entire organization.
  • Tightly integrated with the rest of the Office Suite (as well as everything that comes with a O365 group - Mailbox/ OneDrive/ etc.)


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