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I was an original Skype user before Microsoft took over.  I liked Skype much better then.  My issue is that once Microsoft took over, I lost all my former contacts, my saved conversations, and the like, and had to start all over to open a new Skype account.  My question to this group is: for those of you who were original Skype users, did you lose your previous info, and how did you get it back?

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Hello! This question was posted in the Bing Insiders community. I'll go ahead and move it to our Skype for Business Community so that our Skype Community Manager can help answer your questions. 


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@AlyxeSo where's the response?  Im dying to know what happened to my old Skype contacts!

No I didn't. @Alyxe Like @skeptic_101 why isn't anyone responding?


she says she is "Community Manager - Bing Insiders"

not working on Skype department so might not be able to answer you.


there is also a chance no one here had used Skype prior to Microsoft integration 10 years ago or they didn't have contacts on it at that time.


so, I suggest to use Skype support page:

Skype Support for Skype for Windows desktop | Skype Support

there is also a similar topic here you can take a look at:

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