Skype vs Skype for business when purchasing a Skype number?

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(It was requested that I move this post over from the "consumer" Skype questions to business). 


I have a small business, its just me and I have no dedicated phone system. I've started using teams (as part of my MS365 account with my dedicated domain name) and it appears to be beneficial for me to have a Skype number so that I can call landlines etc. and not use my mobile number all the time. So which is the right solution for me? When I launch teams or turn on my Mac it immediately launched Skype Business. When I look at the “Skype Business” portion of the website it appears to say that Skype for Business is now directly part of Teams and if one wants to use a Skype number then there is all this talk about integrated phone system hardware which is far more than what my business needs right now. Will a standard (personal/consumer?) Skype number integrate with teams and be enough for me to use or am I entirely missing something with the business aspect of Skype in connection with my account? The big difference is, as I see it, the lack of voicemail in the personal/consumer version. But I don't understanding how that would work in a "business" version if there is no PBX phone system. In either case my assumption is that I need to get a dedicated  number via Skype.


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