Skype Version 2 connectivity issues

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We have SRSv2 Logitech Smartdocks,.  Since last few days we are seeing a bug. I would like to know if any solution is available


We have a fairly regular experience where the units log out and won't log back in our one of the locations.  It appears that if there is some problem in connectivity they don't try to reconnect.  A unit reboot always solves the problem, However we want to resolve this issue permanently


Below is what we find out in eventviewer logs on one of our system. Sometime we dont get the below logs and still system disconnects.


{"Description":"Network status : Healthy. Exchange status : Connected. Signin status: Unhealthy. We couldn't sign you in. There might be a problem with your credentials. Please contact your support team.","ResourceState":"Unhealthy","OperationName":"Heartbeat","OperationResult":"Fail","OS":"Windows 10","OSVersion":"10.0.15063.966","Alias":"","DisplayName":"","AppVersion":"","IPv4Address":"","IPv6Address":""}


The description for Event ID 3001 from source SRS-App cannot be found. Either the component that raises this event is not installed on your local computer or the installation is corrupted. You can install or repair the component on the local computer.

If the event originated on another computer, the display information had to be saved with the event.

The following information was included with the event:

{"Description":"Conference Microphone status : Healthy. Conference Speaker status : Healthy. Default Speaker status : Unhealthy. Camera status : Healthy. Front of Room Display status : Healthy. Motion Sensor status : Healthy. HDMI Ingest status : Healthy. ","ResourceState":"Unhealthy","OperationName":"HardwareCheckEngine","OperationResult":"Fail","OS":"Windows 10","OSVersion":"10.0.15063.966","Alias":"","DisplayName":"Conf room","AppVersion":"","IPv4Address":"","IPv6Address":""}

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I see there are a small update. You have, and the new version is I would try updating first, but dont know whats fixed in this update. 


Are these the eventviewer logs? 

Have you taken a look at Skype Room System logs?

Has there been any solution to this issue? I am on the latest Windows, SfB app, and Logitech firmware updates, and I still have to reboot my devices to reconnect.

We logged a ticket with Microsoft to troubleshoot with them. It was closed after sometime due to some support issues. However the problem is still there and we are trying all different solutions as most of the units in my one location are only facing this problem. The second location doesnt show any issues

Still we dont have a solution for this issue.

Skype room system logs show some errors. However from those errors we are not able to reach anywhere and find out if due to them the units disconnect from the network.

Did you ever find a fix? I still see this issue on the latest version of the app.