Skype Room Systems on Logitech smartdock. Completely locks up.

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We have had a multitude of issues with the Smartdock/SRS we purchased to demo/test.  We purchased the package from Logitech with the Surface pre-imaged, so we did not image ourselves. Currently the device is not domain joined. 


The main issue right now is that the unit locks up completely from time to time.  I have tried rebooting it daily in the early morning, but it seems to happen randomly (and usually when someone is having an important meeting).  


Currently the Surface is on Windows 10 1703 with all other current updates installed.  Skype Room System app is on


It is kind of strange when it freezes, and I've literally been using the device when it happens.  When it locks up, you can still see "halo" around the touch input on the screen where you press your finger to the screen.  However, no input of any kind is registered.  Also notable is that I've tried accessing the SRS with our remote support tool while it's in this state.  Through Bomgar, I can move the "cursor" but again, no inputs register.  I can force reboot through Bomgar or using the power button.  


Is it safe to update the Surface firmware and drivers? Any other suggestions?

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We also purchased the smartdock and surface pro pre-configured. It worked on the first day. On the second day we started experiencing all the issues you listed and more. After troubleshooting for over a week, making calls and sending emails Logitech finally pointed us to the RMA process for the Surface pro. Will keep you posted.

When you say RMA process what do you mean? Our Skype Room System profile no longer works and we haven't had any luck on getting support. All requests for support end up with Logitech saying "If it isn't hardware then it isn't our problem, call Microsoft." and Microsoft says "We don't provide support with that IOT license, you need to talk to your distributor."

So currently we are going no where with this device. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Exactly.  I tried calling the 800 number on the documentation from Logitech since it says it includes free support for so-many days, but the **bleep** number isn't even in service.  Honestly, it seemed like the ticket to resolve a lot of our Skype meeting issues, but it has done nothing but create more problems for us. 

Call the distributor you bought your smartdock SRS system from and ask for an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization). You should have 120 days of free service from them for the SRS system. But, If you bought the smartdock and the surface pro separately and loaded the SRS yourself you may be out of luck. Also, it sounds like they will be releasing HDMI patch to resolve poor displays control. 

Logitech even includes a flyer in the package advertising this free support, but the contact number they included on said flyer is not in service.

These issues are all related to Microsoft's automatic updates.  Until they remove the SRS devices from their regular consumer update schedule (automatic/mandatory) and put them on a server update schedule (optional), these issues will continue and you should steer clear of the SRS/Surface Pro/Smart Dock platform.  Supposed to be high availability devices and they treat them like something you bought at Best Buy...


We've been going through this for a year now.  We finally had a stable version - .16 - after six months of headaches.  We disabled Windows Update, only enabling it on all the devices for a weekend to install updates once they were tested on a single unit and deemed acceptable.  What does Microsoft do?  Push out another update that removes the ability to disable Windows Update/Microsoft Store ... now our machines are bricking again.  Complete amateurs running Microsoft now.


If it helps, here is the latest Logitech firmware for the dock display issues:  I just installed it on a machine that's been freezing but not enough time has passed to verify anything.

I don't know the last time I actually commented in forums, but the Logitech room devices drove me to it. We have had constant issues with the systems bricking and requiring restarts. We visit our rooms daily - 15 or so room units, and almost every day one or more units is in a bad state and needs to be restarted. 


We have an Enterprise account with MS so we're trying to escalate, but these systems are seriously unstable. We are also going to look into integrating updates with our SCCM system. That should help, but it does sounds like the updates in general are not helping (even if we control when they are pushed). We are starting to look at other products such as Zoom and that may be our only way forward. Some of the features such as the "lock the spotlight" are terribly implemented when more than two folks join a meeting (it locks the view for everyone and most folks are clueless why their video layout just changed). It's ridiculous. 

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It sounds like you guys are all having issues with your SRS systems. Reach out over direct message to me and I will do my best to help.


David, are you are still able to provide support or provide a subject matter expert? We have some major issue with our SRS systems as well and need to find someone competent to help us.