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we are planning to roll out some SRS to our Meeting Rooms. Actualy we use microsoft wireless display adapter in our rooms to connect to the beamer, now we would like the same functionality on the SRS box.

Is there any possibility to use Miracast (like the Windows Connect App) to share a remote screen in SRS?

We tried to add a microsoft wireless display adapter to the HDMI In Port of the Logitech Smartdock but it does not work, the display remains blank.

Greets Günther

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Not yet, SRS does not support Miracast natively but given Win10 does it's surely something that will come to the platform.

I don't know why the dongle wouldn't work plugged into the HDMI injest. Was it connected to power by USB ?

Thanks for your fast reply. Yes the dongle has power over the usb port, it is also visible to the other computers. The display also changes form the standard theme (so i supose there is some signal), but the display rimanes black.

The wireless display adaptor is an input device. i.e. it goes at the display end and takes the wireless signal and turns it into HDMI.  Trying to use it to turn the HDMI output from a Smartdock to a wireless signal is a non-starter! 

@Richard Wilson - Any luck getting this to work? 

Hi there is a connect display application which could it be used if a shortcut was setup on the SRS application.

The Wireless Display Adapter was connected to the Smartdock HDMI Input port of course - But it is not working.

Hi Günther,


had you any luck, getting the wireless adapter to work?


We have the same problem and looking for a solution.




Hallo Marcel,


no, until now we did not find any solution.




this maybe related to HDCP - I believe the wireless display dongle outputs HDCP content.

They don't work correctly with Polycom either.



@Günther ErbI am experiencing the same issue. All our meeting rooms are being equipped with Microsoft Wireless Display Adapter, but unfortunately, the Skype Room System from Microsoft isn't compatible with this device.

Has anybody had any luck connecting it yet?

@Henning_Beck I think the fact that the injest cards by nature do not comply with HDCP MS will have to enable the connect capability in Windows 10 like they have for SurfaceHub's.


@ShadowSHarmon  That's also what I have found out since April. 

The solution - or workaround, if you like - we used, was to have a HDMI switch after the HDMI output from the console. You put the console in one input port of the switch and the MS Wireless Display Adapter in the other one. The output from the switch goes to the monitor. This works for us.

Yes, but then several more steps for users to get it shared in the meeting... The great part about the room systems is that when set up properly they just do what a user would expect/want a vast majority of the time (like plugging into the HDMI input and it shows up in the meeting and on the screen). Casting needs to work similarly In a highly mobile world.