Skype Room System v3 Must Have Feature

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IMO the SRS system is missing the boat with one key feature...Allowing a user to present from the SRS device itself! So far its just a glorified controller (>$2200 for the logitech one w/ sp4) IF it had the ability to login and present/whiteboard/share from the device without a need for an external computer, it would be a gamechanger. Heck, since it requires a Surface Pro/4, build in the functionality to fire up a desktop instance in a window/fullscreen (a "lite" VM of windows 10) for the presenter. The presenter's virtual pc is logged into the user's Office 365 or on-prem resources and auto-joined to the meeting, utilizing the SP4's built-in camera, pen input, and an external wireless keyboard/mouse. Build in an overlay button to go back to SRS at any time and another to cancel the guest OS session. Upon cancellation the guest OS is refreshed to default. IMO an SP4 with SRS is a complete waste of a VERY capable PC. I'd take a SP4 with an AV dock anyday over just the 3 touchscreen buttons SRS provides. 

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