Skype Room System V2 - Low battery icon on Surface Pro

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We're having an issue where at least 5 different Skype Room System V2 setups randomly shut themselves down and we have to power them up manually by holding the power button on top of the device. At this point the device is showing up a large "low battery " icon and we have to try to force boot up the device like three or four times after the device boots itself up. The device is fully charged and connected to a Logitech SmartDock and connected to a power source normally. 


We tried to install firmware and drivers from here: but it seems that this didn't help the situation. After a manual boot, the devices are still occasionally showing the low battery icon.


Any other having this issue?

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Same if the surface is not in the dock and charing with a surface charger?

We haven't been able to test it without being connected to the dock, because the system is being used all the time and therefore can't be separated from the dock. Thank you for the reply below, good to hear that Microsoft is investigating the issue. We'll also try to update the Logitech SmartDock to the newest build.