Skype Meetings in Shared Mailbox

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We have a business requirement to send Skype for Business meeting invites from O365 shared mailbox calendars, it seems to work intermittently as we had this working previously on a couple of SMBs but has now stopped working.


Does anyone know if this is possible?

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This should be possible. At least we use this in on-premises.

When a shared mailbox is created, disabled user account also gets created in AD. What we do is that we enable that account and then we are able to enable it for Skype for business as we enable any regular user.

Thanks Arunas for your reply.


Please clarify what you do to enable the shared mailbox account?


We have a cloud-based O365 infrastructure.

I cannot tell exactly what is the procedure in Office 365, because I have personally done this on-premises only.
Found an article where others discuss about this. From my understanding flow goes like this:

Find shared mailbox user under active users in Office 365

Grant license, make sure Skype Online Plan is assigned
This will create Skype attributes for the mailbox

Let me know us know the outcome :)