Skype Meeting Room camera flicker due to powerline frequency

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Hi there


We have purchased a Logitech Meetup as well as a Logitech Smartdock with a Surface Pro on which we have installed the Skype Meeting Room System image.


We now have the problem that the webcam image is flickering due to the powerline frequency. We couldn't find anywhere under settings that allowed us to change the frequency the same way it can be done in the SfB desktop application.


We have tried installing the Camera Settings tool from Logitech as the local admin, but unfortunately couldn't boot the device afterwards - so we will try it again... but until then I wanted to ask if anyone else has experienced this issue and whether you found a solution?

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depending on your image if the camera app is still present on the tablet you can set 50/60hz there. however its 50/50 the app even loads without an error. Other than that app im also looking for a way to do this, im frankly amazed camera hz is not an obvious exposed item in the srs application.

Yup, we will try again with the camera settings app and the set the frequency that way. Hopefully that wasn't what caused the boot problem. We'll be redeploying the test machine again. Thanks for the reply.

@Allan With Sørensen did you manage to resolve this?  We are in a 50 hertz power location (UK).  We've just bought a Logitech Meetup as it was a Teams certified device.  If we run the Logitech Camera settings app in the background we can adjust to 50fps and we don't get flicker.   But then Teams can't access the camera.  If we close the Logitech Camera Settings App, teams always starts the webcam in a fps mode which gives really bad flicker and we can't find any settings to sort.

That’s odd, we have it working for both Skype and Teams, though I am not sure we even used the camera settings tool in the end.

We ended up reinstalling the whole thing to the newest version of Windows supported by SRS (1803 I think at the time) and that got us going. Are you running the latest version?

@Allan With Sørensen Thanks for coming back to me.  The setting tools does seem to be useless.  We did a round of updating everything we could find, and the absolute latest windows/office/firmware/logitech etc, did seem to help.  The camera now seems to select 50hrz itself most of the time.  It still doesn't like the computer going to sleep however and will generally not play ball if the computer goes to sleep until the computer has been fully rebooted once afterwards.