Skype Invite One Touch Dial In

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Now that our tenant has been switched to Dynamic IDs for our Skype Meetings, we are noticing that some users have had the Dial-In Number format updated to include the Conference ID.  The Phone number is formated as a URL with the following format tel:+1%20(555)%20368-1111,1111111%23 so that on a mobile device clicking on the number automatically dials the number and the conference ID.  


This is a great new feature (which our team has wanted forever), but it's not rolled out to everyone.  


Does anyone know what is driving this so we can push out to the broader team?   Is it part of the Oulook desktop, Skype desktop?  



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Hi, this feature comes with an update for the Outlook-client. If running the Click-to-run installation of Office you should have it for users running Current Channel (released Aug 16th) and for users in First Release for Deffered Channel (Oct 11th). For Deffered Channel this feature will be released in February 2017.
Thanks - exactly the info I was looking for. Now just have to decide if we expedite our update to the Current Channel ....