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Hello Folks,


Good day.!


I'm facing the strange issue in past few month.


When user A talking to user B (Different location), A is not hearing the voice of B, problem vice versa. Another end person can able to hear the voice until stop talking. It looks kind of walky-talky function. really I don't know about the solution.


Kindly suggest if any solution.!


Thanks in advance.!





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Are you using Skype for Business Online, or on-premises?
Are both users in the same organisation and also same location, different for one or both?
And does it affect all users in your organisation?

Thanks for your reply.!


We are using on-premises - SFB. 

Yes, Both user on the same organization (Issue when I call only different location even same office or partner domain). It affects only particular location. Not all location.



Hi Gopi,


Check your firewall settings if the appriote ports are opened. You can check the tecnical diagram what ports Skype for Business is using:


Skype for Business Server 2015 Protocol Workloads