Skype for Business Server Being Dropped

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I will be in the meeting of a training session or phone call and Skype for Business will be dropped. I still have audio but I lose the Skype for Business window. Does anyone know whySkype for Business Dropping Server Connection.png

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Are you using Skype for Business On-Prem or Online (Office 365)?


I would guess that there is some problem with connections to your server, do you use VPN client on your machine? Do you have the same problem from other locations, if not tested can you try? Do you know if other users in the same meeting have any similar problems? 


Can you explain more what's happening when you lose the Skype for Business Window, does the whole Skype Window close but you can still hear the audio? And how do you get back in the meeting, do you start the meeting again?

We are using Office 365 in the cloud. I use the desktop version. 

I'm not using a VPN client on my machine, I've had the same problem at other locations. I do not know if people in the meeting have the same problem. I do know other people are having the same problem. 

The whole Skype window closes and I still have the audio. I usually continue with the meeting and have a co-instructor control the PowerPoint and monitor the conversation panel. I don't have a way to close out the audio so I have to restart the computer. 

Sounds like it some problem with your local installation of Skype for Business client, Windows client or local profile since the application window crashed.

First try to delete your Skype profile on your computer. You will find it here. %UserProfile%\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Lync

If that doesn't help uninstall Office (including Skype) and reinstall Office on your computer.
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Might be a problem with the latest update for Skype for Business client.
Thanks Linus. This is the issue I am having. I'm going to use the Skype Web App to host meetings. Hopefully, I won't experience the problem with Skype Web App. I won't use the desktop version until Microsoft comes up with a solution.