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I wanted to ask this question.  We are using both Skype Audio and PSTN functionality with Skype for Business.  My question is, are we only limited to recording meetings using the Skype Audio and Video?  When I use the PSTN confernece number or the Call me feature, it removes my ability to recRecording,How-toord the session.  Is this the correct way it supposed to function or not?

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Skype recording is performed client side, rather than server side recording of conferences. As a result of this when you dial in or use the call me capability and do not stay in the conference as an enhanced conference user you do not have the ability to record. This is by design because the Skype client on your side needs to have the ability to recognise its a conference. 


When using dialin its just a PSTN call to the Skype client, it can't tell that it is a conference focus you are connecting to. When you use the call me function the Skype client is not receiving any audio streams so it won't be able to capture the audio, because you've decided to connect them via another route / device.


Unfortunately, this is by design.


If you need the ability to record the conference then you have a two options really


1) Ask a colleague to record on your behalf

2) Use a third party conference recording solution that can sit in the conference and auto record (on-prem only atm)