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One of the client updated to Office 365 recently by herself using upgrade made available to software center by enterprise admin. Previously she was using Office 2010. She successfully upgraded to office 365 and is able to use word, excel, outlook and other products without any issues. But Skype for Business is giving trouble


1. The send button is missing. It doesn't matter if you make the chat window as large as the computer screen itself

2. The chat area is all blank. when IM is sent to her notification pops up but there is nothing in the chat window. she can send IM by pressing enter key but the send arrow is missing


As part of the trouble shooting

  1. The office 365 install was repaired
  2. Tested lync.exe from both the install location and shortcut it opens up without any issues
  3. The users lync sips were deleted
  4. The computer is windows 10 and 64 bits so is the office 365
  5. signing in with a test account and using skype shows normal behaviour
  6. The computer was restarted twice
  7. The user signed in and out of skype multiple times
  8. The user is able to find other users in skype

What could be causing the issue?

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