Skype for Business (O365) "Exchange needs your credentials." every day at 4:30 PM EST


Skype for Business 2016 MSO 16.0.6925.1049 32-Bit

Every day at 4:30 pm EST a yellow bar appears saying "Exchange needs your credentials. Until then you might see outdated info in Skype."

If I do nothing, I can still send and receive messages with other users. When I log in the next morning, there are no errors and I do not have to re-enter anything.

But at 4pm, it comes back.

Anyone else experiencing this?


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I have been getting these requests for re-authentication for about a week now.  Never paid any attention to the time the window pops up.  I am usually too busy and just need to make sure I do not get signed out.  I'll try to make a note if it happens at the same time every day.


BTW, I also have problems getting my VVX 310 to sign in each morning.  It takes the credentials and then within a few minutes gives me an error saying there was some sort of Exchange problem and I need to sign out on the phone and back in.  The phone stays signed in the rest of the day.