Skype For Business Mac Screen Control. When?

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We have 150 subscriptions to 365, 20 of those being Mac users.


As we recently moved over to Skype for Business the Mac app is missing the ability to request/grant screen control but all the Windows versions are able to do this, and always have been able to do this. Looking through the forums this was first brought up in 2016. It's 4 years later now and the feature is still not there.


Are you ever going to add this in and were you ever trying to add it in at all as communication from Microsoft just seems to halt as of a couple of years ago. Also, why are we paying the same subscription amount for apps that are essentially crippled on non-Windows platforms?


Is there a timeline to get the feature sets matched as, once again, Mac users are feeling like second class citizens but are paying the same subscription as everyone else.


Many thanks for your time

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