Skype for Business Mac Client MRU List?

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Hello all,


Some of our SFB Mac client users are reporting unexpected contact list behavior.  This seems to also happen with the iOS version of the client as well.


It looks like SFB is caching the MRU list of users based on some algorythm that determines who IMed recently and/or who I may have IMed recently.


In any case, it lists some users multiple times, and sometimes with differing presence.


Is anyone familiar with this behavior?  I'm assuming it is expected, but it is not behaving as the SFB Windows client, which has a more "fixed" looking buddy list.


Any information would be appreciated.



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You said that some users apeared several times, with difrent precense. Have you compared the contactcard for these users that are duplicates? Are they all in the same list, or difrent categories?


Check here to see what difrence there is from contacts lists on Windows vs OSX: