Skype for Business in AWS... odd duplicate 'blank IM' window

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I work for a company who has recently started, due to needing to offer work-at-home options, AWS 'access' with the software that we use daily being run through there. I am just a user and not a tech so I have no access to the 'guts'.


I'm not sure if the issue below is actually a SfB or an AWS issue (or user error?), but I would like to start here first to see if anyone else has experienced this issue.


When I first started using AWS / SfB in May, I had an issue where, whenever I started an IM with someone in my contact list, a second, blank IM window would pop-up at the top of the screen. The top of the window was off the screen so I couldn't click there to close it, I had to close it from the taskbar. This doesn't happen if someone else starts the IM, only if I start it. However, when I closed the blank window from the taskbar, it also closed the IM window I just opened.


An AWS update came through a bit later and the issue with the blank IM window seemed to disappear.


A new AWS update came through this week and the same issue is back. I am guessing it is something in AWS, but I try not to 'assume' things. I have submitted feedback through the AWS system, but I don't expect to hear anything back from that, and I'm searching to see if anyone else has had a similar issue with SfB.


(I don't have a screen snip to share but will try to see if I can get one to add.)


If this is a known issue and someone can point me towards information, I would appreciate it. If I can find information that will help me verify that the issue is actually happening, then our tech support people would actually pay attention (they seem to think the 'users' know nothing and everything that happens is user error).


Thank you and have a great week.



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