Skype for Business get stuck if i try to send a message to any contact

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Hey Guys,

I just installed the office 2016 suite and if I open my skype for business and try to send a message to any contact, the chat window and the skype for business get stuck and i have to manually kill the program. It keep acting up till i restart my laptop. Below are my laptop details:


Dell Latitude E5570

Core i7

Window 7 64 Bit


I tried uninstalling the entire office suite and then reinstalling it again but i am still facing the same issue and i rely on skype for business a lot for work.


Raza Hafeez.

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I would try to uinstall Skype for Business only.

The go to this folder:

Delete your userprofilefolder.

Go to download the Skype for Business client and install it.


Does this work?