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The customer has a hybrid Exc 2013 + Exchange Online environment if the customer logs into Skype For Business internally the conversations they make are not displayed in the field where they should as shown in the image.

But if I log into Skype For Business externally it works normally.

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Seems to be an issues with Microsoft EWS URL being published Internally. Can we check with the configuration information for the Skype for Business of the affected the User and check if we have both the Internal and the External EWS URL Being published for the user account.


1. Login to Skype for Business 

2. Click on the System Tray and Click on Skype for Business Icon.

3. Click on Configuration Information and check for both Internal EWS and External EWS URL


When you login in to the Skype for Business Account Externally you might be able to get this URL due to autodiscover URL configuration. You can check with the same configuration from the above steps.


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