Skype for Business crash on start

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My Skype for Business have started to crash everytime i launch the program.


What I've tried:

- Running Office Quick Repair.

- Running Office Online Repair.

- Uninstalling/reinstalling Office 365.

- Ensuring that newest updates are installed.


The IT department has told me that I need to format my PC to get it working. I would prefer to not do this as I have so many programs installed that it would take at least a week or two to get up and running again.


I can see in event viewer that I get an error with lync and KERNELBASE.dll - but my IT department says that its unrelated.

Please help.



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You can additionaly scan Skype for business with Offcat tool


How does it crash? Completely everytime you start it and you are unable to use it at all or it's a random crashing happening ocassionaly?

You could also test on another PC, to make sure that is PC and not account related?

Hello, thanks for your reply.

So I missed out some details.

- We've tried with different users on my PC (IT department logged in with their user on my PC and skype crashed).

- It is every time all the time, when i start the S4B. The splash screen appears shortly and then the "Skype for business has stopped working" appears.


The Offcat just detects the KERNELBASE.dll error.

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I think that your IT department may be right. The fastest way to solve this would be to reinstall your PC.
But if you are still eager to get it resolved without a reinstall I suggest to open a support ticket from Office 365 admin center to Microsoft (Your IT should be able to do this).

Or troubleshoot Skype using Procdump or DebugDiag 2, tools.

• Download the procdump utility (
• Run the following command in a command prompt to attach to Skype for Business:
• Procdump -e -ma lync.exe -accepteula

DebugDiag 2
Install DebugDiag from here:
Launch it and attach Crash rule to Lync.exe process.

Then you should be able to get DMP files, which your IT department should be able to analyze.
Note that this is advanced troubleshooting and requires some knowledge when reading DMP files.


Hello again!


So I got it working again thanks to your help!


I downloaded DebugDiag and created a rule for lync.exe.

After opening and having lync.exe crash on me I reviewed the DMP file.


Apparently the issue was from Pleora eBUS SDK.

After uninstalling this my Skype now works again!


Thanks alot!

DebugDiag seems to be a very powerfull tool!

A side note should probably be that the Pleora software was bundled with some FLIR thermography camera software. The camera was not connected to my computer.

@Stephan Ollivier Korsgaard Larsen 


I know this is an old post, however, I wanted to share that I recently experienced this on my Win10 Pro edition laptop.


I downloaded the Skype for Business application available in the MS Store. Every time I launched it, within about 5 seconds, my Skype app would crash.


After some searching and I found a thread with similar issues. There is another version of Skype for Business 2016 that worked. The difference apparently was that one was for Online and the other was for Premise.