Skype for Business: Auto logs in using old work login

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Skype for business automatically logs in using my old work login. I want to stop it automatically logging and and clear my old work login so that when I have a new work login, I can use it again.


Please note I have left that  organisation and am thus not able to login using that login. 


The auto login is so fast, probably less than 2 seconds - I cannot action anything. 


I have a fully paid for Microsoft account on  my home computer, and need to be able to work remotely using S4B with other orgs during COVID. 


Skype for Business attempts to login using my old work login and gets stuck on a white screen. I have to ctrl-alt-del and end task every time to get rid of it. 


I have spent a lot of time trying to find a solution and hope this community can please help me. 

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It signs in with a certificate that the server created for you, so even if your old work disabled your account you will be able to sign in with the certificate until they disable the certificate. But since you don't want to sign in you can delete that certificate. There is an option called "Delete my sign-in info" if you would be able to sign in and then sign out from Skype for Business, this would delete the certificate.



But to delete the certificate manual start certmgr.msc, just press windows key (Start) and type certmgr.msc. In that application Expand Personal > Certificates, and find the certificate with the same name as your sip address, ex., this certificate is issued by Communications Server. Right-click and select Delete.