Skype for business and Office 365

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Hello there, can anyone please give me constructive advise here, I'd really appreciate it . . .

I have personal version of Skype install but have been told I need to get Skype for business.
I downloaded installation file lyncentry.exe 32 bit, but got error message. So I followed the advice from Microsoft technician given in the link below:


Now when I try to run the installation program I get another error message:

"We're sorry MO installer encountered a problem because you have Click-to-Run Installer based Office programs installed on your computer:

Microsoft Office 365 - en -us

Windows Installer and Click-to-Run editions of Office programs don't get along for this version, so you can only have one type installed at a time. Please try installing the Click-to-Run edition of Office instead or uninstall your other Click-to-Run based Office programs and try installation again".

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Dear Andrew, did you find an answer for your problem?
I ran into the same problem and did not found a solution for the problem.

Hi all, can anyone provide me a installation-package for the Basic Skype for Business Client with package-version 15.x? At the moment there is only the package-version 16.x available. see However with packagae-version 16.x it is not possible to install office 365 (which is my personal office 365) and a Basic Skype for Business Client for a remote company client. The only trick, that worked for me was to install Lync 2013 from here: But of course Lync 2013 is probably quite outstanding. But it least it seems to work