Skype for Bunsiness Mac Client Outlook integration not working


Ive received word from a couple users that installed the new Skype for Business Mac Client that they are unable to retrieve calendar data.  The prompt for credentials keeps appearing.   SfB client (16.0.3638) and Outlook 15.28.  They've tried domain\userid as well as sip address for signin...neither have worked.


I did confirm that they've completely removed the Lync for Mac client and re-installing the SfB client.


These user's were part of the SkypePreview for the SfB Mac client.


Is there a known bug/issue preventing the Outlook Mac/SfB Mac integration?

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Are you using the same user account in Outloook and Skype for Business? Make sure that you meet all pre-requisite:
Yes the same account is used for sign-in. I also referred to the Known Issues page for outlook integration. Still not having any success.
Hi David, what version of Exchange and Lync/SFB server are you using? Do you have any multi-factor auth enabled for Exchange?

Exchange 2013 CU8 and SfB 2015 CU1 (both on-prem) MFA yet for Exchange.

Hi David.  I assume that those users have never gotten meeting/calendar to work in SFB Mac during the preview program.  SFB Mac will use the same SIP address and credential to log into Exchange (Exchange Web Services) to access the calendar.  If Exchange connection failed, then it will prompt to login (similar to Windows client).


the At this point we will need some log files to continue.  To collect log files in SFB Mac, open Preferences/General/Collect Logs.  It will generate a zip file of the log files.  Please send those files to me through private message.



Check for avoidable characters in outlook folder names. See Skype for business crashes on startup for more info, may help.