Skype continue shows me as 'is speaking'

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I'm using skype for business.
In my group meetings,
When I'm talking, skype shows me as 'speaking' but continue shows me as speaking for 10 seconds after there is a silence from my part.
the other people have the same headset but don't have the same problem.
Even when I'm using the mute botton from my microphone, I shown as 'speaking' for 10 seconds after the mute.
I'm using windows 7
Can anyone please help me?
Thank you
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Sorry for digging up this old post...

I'm having the exact same issue. This post has 385 views, but no replies or solutions, so I'm guessing, we're not the only ones...


Just to clarify: My headset has a manual switch (I'm guessing it simply disconnects or shortcuts the actual wire) and after it is pressed you can't hear a thing (not even static noise or anything). But SkypeForBusiness still shows me as 'is speaking' for ~10 seconds (which feels like an eternity).