Skype buzz feature request

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I would like Skype for Business to add a buzz feature. I would like to be able to buzz the given target meaning raise their messaging window to the top and shake the window to get their attention.


Sound alerts  are not an option for me, I missed far to many timely messages because all I have is a small flashing icon in my task bar. If someone needs immediate attention, sends me a message, and I don't respond. I want them to be able to buzz me causing my window to come to the front and visibly shake.


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I would suggest that they call you to get your attention then.

The Uservoice feedback site is the place to promote new feature ideas, as that way Microsoft can gauge interest and see if it's something worth prioritising.  There are quite a few ideas for this feature already, that might be worth checking out, like this one and voting on or leaving feedback, if you haven't already.

And from the other side, I want to be able to turn that feature off so that I'm NEVER buzzed and windows shaken.