Skype Business Chat commands (BOT/Script)

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hello everyone,


I am wondering if it is possible to have a script or program that can "read" the chat within skype business calls and use the information that is provided.

For example there is a voting and the participants need to vote !yes or !no in chat. The program then can make sense of the chat input and save information like this:


15 people voted yes

8 people votes no


List of people that voted yes:

Name, Name; Department, Timestamp

Name Name; Department, Timestamp


List of people that voted no:

Name, Name; Department, Timestamp



I did not find anything that would let me do this. I am using obs to stream to Skype business using the virtual camera plugin. I would like to somehow connect stream elements with chat input from skype business in any way. Or have a completely autonomous solution for this.


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Maybe  think of it similar to streamelements and twitch chat.

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