Skype Broadcast: video + screen capture?

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I watched this video on Skype Broadcast, which was enlightening:



We typically just use "regular" Skype for Business, which is audio + screen. For some large-ish meetings I lead, I wanted to change it up and use Skype Broadcast so people can see the webcam feed and get a talking head. I was surprised to see no option to simply share the desktop in Skype Broadcast!? In the video above, they mention a capture device, but it also seems that this will make your HDMI out appear like a USB camera...


Given that, before I buy a $300 device, will it be possible to create a setup where the webcam is shown at the right and the screencast of the HDMI capture device is the main content? Or will Skype Broadcast only allow one or the other and I'm right back to where I started?

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That post doesn't address my issue at all. I'm simply looking to display a dual content experience, offering side by side:

- webcam view of the speaker

- whatever is shown on the screen


Basically, what streamers do (little face, big screen). This is also, in part, a workaround for the fact that you can only upload a ppt to show content and no other file type.


I think it seems like one would have to do a Magewell to stream the whole desktop and find an app that will provide an overlaid webcam live view on top, even in ppt presentation mode.


I attached a screenshot of one of the first hits on YouTube for "coding tutorial." That's basically what I want.