Simultaneously ring with mobile phone switched off

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We made the experience when simultaneously ring with the mobile phone is activated and the mobile phone is switched off, then an incoming call is rejected. This means the caller is directed to the mobile provider's voicemail or the provider’s message is played that says connection not in operation.


Moreover the user cannot even accept the call on the computer in Skype for Business, because it is immediately rejected by the mobile provider (the switched off mobile phone).


Has anyone had similar experiences? Is this behavior by default?

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This is the default experience because the nature of SimRing is that it will call your PSTN number first before the Skype client. This is only a marginal thing, but the problem here is that as the phone is off, the mobile provider will divert you to mobile voicemail like you say. This means that the call is considered answered by Lync / Skype and therefore, won't continue to ring the Skype client.


What you will need to do is modify the call forwarding settings on the mobile phone to forward calls to your Skype DDI when not in reach (this includes off). Then calls will be sent through to the Skype client. When the mobile is switched on, or has service, both endpoints will ring as normal.

Thank you for the answer. It looked also to my understanding as the default behavior, but thanks for the confirm. And thanks for the hint. ;) Will forward this to our users.