Sharing team Presence Information to an external monitor/API

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Hello Everyone,


Not sure if this has been discussed elsewhere. But for context, I am working in an education institute within the student support services department. We have a monitor outside the department door and are looking into implementing a ticketing system for when students want to come and meet individual staff members. The ticketing system will obviously use the monitor to show when a student's number is called.


As Skype for Business shows when a staff member is active/unavailable/busy/etc, I was wondering if there was also a way to share this presence information to the external monitor as a way for students to have a brief look to see if the staff member they are looking for is active/unavailable/busy/etc.


tl;dr essentially have an area on screen that shows each staff member's face/icon and whether they are at their desk, etc.


Thanks in advance.



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Hi @Ariff_K 


That is possible using the Skype Web SDK, see this guide for instruction howto create your own.