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Hello All,


While presenting certain Programs in Skype for Business (Not whole Desktop), Am not able to find zoomit (Sysinternals tool) application to share.


While am sharing a specific spreadsheet or word doc program and i switch to zoomit.exe application screen turns blank/full black for the people on other side of the call. I suppose this is happening because zoomit.exe is not part of shared programs.


Is there an option to add zoomit.exe application in Skype for Business while sharing set of programs ?

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If you want to use the ZoomIt application or the Magnifier in Windows you have to share your desktop, it won't work just sharing an application.

Hello Linus,


I don't use zoomit just for magnification but also for making cool presentations leveraging it's features.


Is there a way to add this to list of program we could share ?


Program sharing isn’t available for the applications below, but you can use desktop sharing instead:


  • Skype for Business

  • Skype for Business Recording Manager

  • File Explorer

  • Sticky Notes

  • Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications

  • Windows Sidebar


Also, you cannot a present a program that has user privileges higher than the privileges for Skype for Business, such as the Command Prompt.

Program sharing is unavailable if you are conducting your meeting on a remote computer running Windows Vista or an older version of Windows Server 2008.


I guess Zoomit is restriced from sharing of one of these reasons.

Hi Linus,


Thanks for your response.


Is there a way to make exception for this program or raise a feature request for Skype for Business team to work towards it ?


May be a high level answer would help in this case.


You could create a uservoice for this add and get others to vote for it. If you have Service Delivery Manager or other customer service contact at Microsoft you can request it via them. 


You will have the same problem with Teams too, except that participants won't get a black window when you use Zoomit but they will not see zoomit features either.

I have raised the same as an idea in skypefeedback portal.


Let's wait for their feedback.


Thanks for your help anyways. :)