SFB Licencing Cost model for green field deployment

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Hi Guys ,


I am looking for a document which says about the cost model for new SFB-EV deployment for 25000 users in a green field model , below are the detials i am looking for:-


1.Cost of CAL per user

2. What would be th cost of server licence (like Front end server, Mediation server , AV server , Edge server , SQL)


You can take the exceptions for the gatways and SIP trunking model.


Appreciate if you can share me any microsoft document.




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This is not something that can so easily be done from a document.
I suggest you contact a Microsoft partner that specialises in Skype for Business as they will be able to guide you through the licensing required both for end users and servers.
Also your licensing provider should be able to at least give you a list price for those licenses.



Assuming you are already an Office 365 E licensed then you need to buy the CloudPBX add-on which will entitle you to use CloudConnector with your existing trunks.


Or if you want Skype4B fully on premise then look for Server+Cal licensing.