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When we set up a SfB meeting there are two links, the "Join the Skype Meeting" and the "Having trouble, Try the Skype Web App" links in the invitation


We have found that the web app link almost always work in for the external participants in regardings to connecting to the meeting.


Is there a way to change the language on the web app link? 

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You can edit the meeting invite text out of the box with powershell, but not change the text of the links.

You can take a look at https://www.modalitysystems.com/software/custominvite

Theres a free trial version so you can test it out first.



Hi Jolita,


The 2nd link will always force a web session regardless of the user having Skype for Business installed.

If you compare the two links by hovering over them, there's a key thing that helps with that.


Join Skype Meeting takes you to:



Try Skype Web App takes you to:



?sl=1 overrides the join page doing any form of client detection working out if the person has Lync, or Skype for Business installed; always forcing the Web App.


When changing the language; are you wanting the invite text to be changed; or the language of the Web App web page? You can change the Web App language by selecting a language in the top right hand corner.