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When someone sends me a chat message, I'm only getting a notification sometimes.  Other times I only notice I've received messages when I open up the chat view and see missed messages.  I've verified my notification settings in System Preferences and everything looks fine.  Any ideas why this is happening?

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I'm having same issue with couple of days ago fresh installed SfB. With same macOS Sierra, Skype works great, but with SfB I actually haven't managed to hear a single notification sound yet.
same issue with myself & colleagues within the office. Don't get notification sounds & spontaneously get banners with a preview of the IM Also badge notifications work some times & other times not using build: v3638
I don't receive any notification banners or sounds. Is this a widespread issue?

Hi Carlos, do you have an ongoing conversations with the person who sent you the message?  Currently SFB does not show additional notification if you have an ongoing conversation but SFB is not in the foreground.  We are looking into improving this experience.



I do have conversations in my chat view, what is considered an ongoing conversation?  With Lync each chat had a separate window, so closing it would end that conversations, with the default view in sfb all conversations are in the chat view, so how do you end a conversation?  I mostly have sfb in the background, so I was expecting notifications for any chat message.

This is a big problem that really affects the usability of SfB. I know Microsoft has always considered the Mac a second class citizen but usually the features they leave out are just little nuiscances. This one is pretty much a show stopper for me.

Having the same issue: I hear notifications for incoming calls, but not for incoming messages.