SFB Broadcast Delay

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I am preparing for a presentation with 200+ participants.  As I am walking through preso, I opened up my laptop, mobile, and tablet.  There is a major delay between slides and audio.  Between 20-25 seconds.


How can this be fixed?

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So if you start talking and change a slide a the same time, audio comes first after 30 seconds? or something like that?



NOTE: On Windows devices, including Windows Phone, you'll experience a 30-second delay between what the presenter is doing and what the attendee sees. On Mac and iOS devices, the delay will be approximately 60 seconds. This delay is due to the time it takes to convert to various codecs and distribute the media to Points of Presence servers within the Azure Content Delivery Network.

Yes I have them call in so no audio delays. Just between each slide transition. I watched a YouTube tutorial and didn't notice a delay nor did they mention it. 30 seconds each transition is a long delay.

Where did you read this reference material?




So they dont use audio trough the same client they watch the presentation?

Currently, we use global meet and there is no delay in transitioning from slides.  There has to be a fix for this?  Can't go through a presentation with every slide transition delayed at over 20 seconds.

Why dont they use the audiostream from the broadcast meeting?

Audio is not my problem. The slide transition delay is my problem. Going from Global Meet and it being so smooth Skype is an issue. We employ over 4K and conduct online presso frequently. Transitions timing is my issue.


If you use the audiostream from the broadcast meeting, then there will be no delay that the users notice. As both audio and powerpoint is dealyed 30 seconds because of encoding of video.

Thank you, that then answers my question. I will have it tested.