SFB 2015 - default RTP port range (confused)

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Hi All,


Could someone please let me know the default RTP port range for SFP 2015 specifically between Mediation Server and SIP Trunks (routed to SIP PBX) 


I have seen a few different posts here indicating TCP/UDP 50.000-60,000 and some posts saying it uses the default RPC or RTP ephemeral port range and a number of sources stating that Mediation to Trunk uses 49152-57500  exclusively


please note this is for an on premises deployment where SIP PBX will sit in the same network as the Mediation Server


any guidance would be appreciated

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What ports that is used between your ITSP (SIP Trunk) and Mediation or SBC is something you have to agree with them. Different ITSP uses different ports. I would say that TCP-5060/5061 for signaling and TCP/UDP 49152 - 65535 for media is most common.


For ports used by Skype for Business check this documentation


Also check the Workloads poster for a better overview.


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@Linus Cansby 


In checking further  I believe the port range between Mediation and SIP trunk is 49152-57500 (TCP by default).


Thanks for your help



Good that you found it in the documentation from your SIP trunk provider.