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when I receive a new message from a colleague, the Toast appears in the right corner on my display for 24seconds. I'm looking for a option/setting (Reg-Key/Policy) to set this time up. I don't wanna use SuperToast or like that. I already taked a look at all reg-keys - download the ADMX/ADML files, but nothing to find in it.  Could someone give me a tip?


Thanks in advance!

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I've heard this feature request before, but to my knowledge, there is no supported method to supress or control these messages. depending on the reason for your request, here are som options:

- In widows, you can enter quiet mode to surpress all kinds of notifications

- If you enter DND, no one can reach you (except co workes) 

- You may control where the alerts are displyed on the screen, or which screen to show the alert on.


I know this probably wasn't what you were looking for, but as I said, I don't think there's an supported way to do this.