S4B to S4B tenant migration... possible?


Is it possible to migrate a Cloud PBX S4B (Online)  tenant to a different Cloud PBX S4B (Online) tenant? If so, does anyone have any documentation on this? Do you have to port the active numbers between tenants or is there a migration path to just move them? 

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It looks Microsoft do not have any tools to perform this task (Migrating the objects and data from one tenant to another).

But there are several third party tools which can execute this task without any hiccups. I have heard Quest/ metalogix tool supports ( ; they have the solution to migrate all the objects/data such as Mailbox, OnDrive, Sharepoint and Skype for Business as well. you may wan to check with them

There should not be any challenge as far as your Azure AD and Mailbox objects/data is migrated to another tenant.
But Microsoft road map to move SfB is to Teams , you may want to consider that.
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You will need to contact the porting team, they can do this within minutes between tenants.
You can use the following email addresses: (for the US) (for countries outside the US).

Make sure you also give them the tenant names and IDs.

Login to the Skype for Business online powershell and execute:
Get-CsTenant | Select-Object DisplayName, TenantID