S4B integration door phone

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Hello all.


Does anyone have any experience in connecting a door-phone with S4B, for example drivers reception.

Device needs to be waterproof, support PoE and video. I have SBC installed on site, the plan is to connect it all together.

I found doorbell device but supports only wifi

N2 Helios  seems to be better choice but video might not work.

Does anyone know any other solution ?

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The only one I know that supports video and audio is Hello Door.


For audio only I would say it is most common to use a standard door phone together with a Analog SIP Gateway like the Audiocodes Mediant.

@Linus Cansby  Thanks. 

Hellodoor connects via Wifi only, but maybe I should change my requirements.


For cost saving I would like to avoid additional GW, so I am looking SIP device, this way I will connect it directly to SBC or Mediation.