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We have a requirement to customise the hold music for response groups with music for 10 seconds followed by an announcement, followed by music for another 10 seconds and then another different announcement. I’ve created this as one wav file.

After uploading the file successfully and testing, the music on hold seems to repeat after 15 seconds, meaning I get the music and first announcement, but no second announcement.

No matter what file I try and how long it is, it flips back to the start after 15 seconds.

Does anyone know is this a limitation of the response group setup? I’m on Skype for Business Server 2015.

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I will be interested to hear what you learn on this as well. I have not had this need yet, but I can see this being requested in the future from the various departments we have using Response Groups.

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Hi Andrew,


there is no such limitation like that at the response groups.

Please make sure that your .wav file matches these requirements:


 I've seen (and heard) the strangest things with wrong codec wave files. :) 


Hope it helps!



Thanks D B. I found that my issue was when converting the file using Audacity to the required format, I had to set the Project Rate to 16000 Hz. After doing this and re-uploading the file I could hear the full audio duration.
Good to hear! Thanks for the update!