Recording Calls in our Police Department for S4B and Radio Traffic

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I thought I would post a notice to see if anyone else has worked with their police department on their campus to record phone calls for S4B and then also radio traffic for the police department. We are working with our police department here on campus to try and figure out this process. We are working with Polycom and our vendor to try and find a solution. I know that S4B can record calls, but they are needing the calls and radio traffic recorded to a third party system.


Currently, the solution we are trying to do would be some type of connection into the handset jack, or possibly headphone jack, to record calls. This is what they used on our old phone system, but that was digital. I suggested it might be best if a software solution could be used to install on the computer that would record the calls and then also record radio traffic. It did not sound as though they had a software solution for this type of thing.


Again, checking to see if anyone else has a solution they have used for recording phone and radio traffic in your police area that you could share with me.


Thank you!




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