Real-time voice translation

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The talk on the web is that there will be a real-time translation in S4B coming towards the end of 2016 (isn't that now) that allows audio translation to text on the fly.  See below ...


I was hoping to get a beta copy to demonstrate this to my internal business stakeholders who are very interested in this feature.  My current S4B version is 16.0.6925.1038 32bit.


Is there any more detail that we can share inside this forum?



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While I can't comment publicly an availability of this feature I would encourage you to keep and eye on to see when this program will available for Preview. 

Hi Dave, Just in case you did not get around to it yet, take a look at the nice Skype for business keynote from Ignite 2016 (MsIgnite GS02 - Move all your communications to Skype for Business Online) were this feature were demoed. /mk