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I support two c-level executives, and currently use my personal network ID to log them in for videoconferences in our video-enabled conference room. This leaves my email and network access vulnerable to unauthorized user access. 


In the past, I've had generic conference room logins provided by IT partners for exactly this reason, but when I asked my current IT department, they responded that this is not possible: 


If we created a generic account and had meeting attendees sign into Outlook/ Skype from the generic account it would get messy very quickly. Each account is linked to an Outlook profile. Mixing any of those would create structural file and sync issues. Whomever is leading or actively participating in a video conference should be logging in with their credentials. I would push back on that.


Obviously, I am not going to push back on the CEO.  It does not make sense to ask the CEO (or any other senior leader, for that matter) to show up 10 or 20 minutes early for a meeting just so they can log into a computer. They need to walk in and have a meeting, not fiddle with tech! 


Does anyone have any suggestions of how this can be solved while still addressing my IT partners' concerns?

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If these rooms are conference rooms, it would make sense to deploy meeting room devices and use resource accounts. There are several vendors, and prices are affordable.