Polycomm trio cannot connect

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No matter how hard I try I cannot get my new Polycomm 8800 to sign in to SFB Online.

I've tried it off the network (as I know some DNS changes are requested, proxy bypass etc.) but still nothing.

Upgraded to the latest firmware.


Just sits at signing in and eventually falls over.


Has anyone got any magic tips for getting one of these working? Documentation from Polycomm is fairly hopeless.  All help happily received!

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Hi @Mike Rowland - seeing your question & looking for the right person to help point you in the right direction...

Sent you a message to understand your issues here. I will reply in this group once we've figured out why sign-in is failing.

Make sure you are using the proper format for the credentials, as outlined in this older article for VVX phones:



Is Modern Authentication enabled in your tenant?  Are you using Multiple Factora Auth (MFA) on the account you are attempting to sign-in with?


Are you using a regular SfB user account or a meeting room account?